Seine, Fish 3/16Msh 4H 30Lng. No Poles IncludedWith Pocket.

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Our knotless nylon minnow (fish) seines are excellent for capturing minnows and other small fish in lakes, streams or ponds. The top of the net has floats every foot and the bottom has #9 lead weights every foot to hold the seine in an upright position. The nets are tied to poles at each end by the attached nylon cord. Teamwork is necessary to get a good catch. A 10-foot wide net is usually sufficient for most streams. We recommend a 20 to 30 foot wide seine for lakes and ponds. Once in place, the nets should be held flush on the stream bottom at about 135 degrees to the bottom. As a rule of thumb, a 4' net will sample 3' of water. All nets have 3/16" mesh and are either 4' or 6' tall. They come in 10', 20' and 30' widths. 127-C30 is 4' tall x 30' wide with 4' x 4'x 4' center pocket for collecting fish. No poles are included.
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