Plankton Sampling Kit, Fieldmaster®

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This is a complete and economical kit for obtaining samples of phyto and zooplankton from lakes and ponds for later study in the lab. The apparatus we provide is durable and reusable. Our basic water bottle needs no messenger. It is constructed of PVC with soft rubber seals and 20 m of line on a styrofoam float that will bob to the surface if dropped. We provide twelve (12) 250 mL sample bottles for transporting samples back to the lab. Our plankton net is the real thing: constructed of genuine Nitex® 80 micron mesh, it has a stainless steel ring and bridle for attaching line. Included are twelve (12) small sample bottles, 125 mL in size, that fit onto the plankton net with the included adaptor. Each group of two students will take a sample, remove their bottle for transporting samples back to the lab, and pass the net to another group of two students. The secchi disk determines turbidity in shallow waters, meets industry standards, and comes with attached line on a winding float. A 5-3/4" long thermometer for taking the temperature of air and water is also included. Kit includes: •One (1) Fieldmaster® secchi disk with line and float (78-010) •One (1) -40/+120 degrees Farenheit armored thermometer (3001-B25) •One (1) Fieldmaster® plankton net (78-210) 80 micron mesh, 8" in diameter, 20" long •One (1) Fieldmaster® basic water bottle (78-305), 1.75 liters •Twelve (12) 125 mL polyethylene wash bottles (7900-C27) •Twelve (12) 250 mL polypropylene square wash bottles (7900-E57) •One (1) 500 mL polyethylene one-piece wash bottle (7900-D57) for rinsing net •Set of comprehensive teacher instructions
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