Ogeechee Corer 20" SS Kit no case

* For firm or sandy bottoms * Valve tension adjusts for best sealing * Top valve closes by a separate line * Interchangeable head fits all Wildco® 2” liner-type core tubes We won’t build our castle on shifting sands, but we can use our Sand-Pounder™ to sample them! This tough, no-nonsense instrument is the first design ever to obtain long core samples in firm or sandy bottoms. Because it has its own closing line, the top valve in the head assembly is under full control. You can adjust the valve tension so it seals tightly and does not leak air. The Ogeechee™ can be used in fast-moving water up to 4.5 m (15’) deep with the use of an extension handle. Operation is simple: twist and thrust downward into the sand. Extension handles come in three lengths. For deeper water, we suggest the optional slide hammer (2428-E30). As the name implies, this hefty device drives the Sand-Pounder™ into the bottom by repeated lifting and dropping, and can also be used to drive the sampler out again. [Since the hammer can damage other Wildco® corers, use it with the Ogeechee™ only.] A long sample of clays or heavy soils may be hard to remove: you may need a power winch. Specifications: * Solid 316 stainless steel construction of head assembly * Threaded hole in top of head assembly for connecting line attachment (2427-L10), drive hammer guide, slide hammer, or extension handle (2428-E series). * Head assembly fits all 2” Wildco® tubes and parts * Durable valve and valve seat removable for cleaning * Includes: (1) 100’ line (for valve), 2 clear liners with caps, SS nose piece (2449-A21), SS core catcher (2449-B31) * Case available with corers less than 48”
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