Bolt Cloth-Nitex 425 μm 40"w (NR)

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This is a NON-RETURNABLE ITEM. See Terms & Conditions for more info. You will be required to approve Terms & Conditions at checkout. Approval acknowledges your acceptance of this item being non-returnable. The world standard for plankton nets due to its consistency and ability to maintain aperture size and shape. Precision woven from high quality, durable nylon threads. Both warp and weft thread diameters maintain square aperture dimensions. After weaving, this cloth is “calendared” - run between hot rollers to heat set the woven threads in their exact positions. Nitex® with an aperture of 600 microns or more is stiffer. Larger diameter threads are needed to stabilize aperture size. Prices listed for Nitex® are per yard. A yard of material is 36" (914.4mm) in width and 40-45" (1016-1143mm) in length. If more than one yard is ordered, the Nitex® is typically in one continuous piece.
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