TDS Testr 11.

Measure TDS (total dissolved solids) with an accuracy of +/- 1% (from 20.0-199.9 ppm, 200 to 1999 ppm, or 2.0 to 10.00 ppt).  The economical, battery-powered design enhances portability and the unit fits into a waterproof, dustproof housing.  With replaceable electrode, push-button calibration, hold functions, auto shut-off, temperature readout, and automatic temperature conpensation (ATC).  The full reading is displayed - no need to multiply the readout to obtain actual test values. -Auto-ranging for maximum resolution. -Operate as either cup-style or dip-stle teester for greater flexibility. -Low Range: Measure conductivity in natural water.  Verify reverse osmosis system operation and tap water quality. -High Range: Measure conductivity in salt water or wastewater.  Measure salinity in ponds, recirculating systems.  Check saline, chemical levels, in pools and spas.