Hensen-Stempel Pipette Extra Large w/Spring-25 and 50 mL

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Hensen-Stempel Pipettes, large - With spring, 5 and 10mL An easy, quick method for sub-sampling plankton samples. Wide bore pipettes are ideal for accurately filling Sedgewick-Rafter, Palmer Cell or Ward Counting Wheel. In three sizes, each with two different, changeable Delrin plastic spools - spool size determines sample size. Handi-Grip plastic handles, and stainless steel springs. Also known as Aliquot Transfer Pipettes. Available with and without spring-loaded plungers. Call for replacement spool prices. Ship wt: 2 lbs. • Small: 1 & 2 mL spools, polycarbonate body • Large: 5 & 10 mL spools, Excelon body • Extra Large: 25 & 50 mL spools, CAB body